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Minsk, Belarus. Finding Natural Awareness Approaching the State of Self-Perfection

June 14, 2019 - June 19, 2019


How to discover conscious presence in each moment by being fully aware of one’s body, breathing, sensations and emotions. How to discover the harmony of body and mind in the experience of the cognitive, open, and luminous dimension of the mind.

Session 1
Aligning Body Breathing and Mind
Finding the Correct Alignment of the Body as the Basis for a Natural Breathing, and a Natural State of the Mind.

Remaining Sitting Maintaining Awareness of One’s Physical Posture, and
Re-establishing Awareness When Distractions Disrupt it,
Alternated with:
Observing posture and breathing; breathing exercises.

Session 2
Attention and its Objects
Learning the Types of Attention- Involuntary and Deliberate Attention and Recognition of Distractions.

Feeling the Breath, Noticing Distractions and Re-establishing Presence of Mind.
Alternated with:
Body and breathing warms ups, and the correct sitting posture and breathing.

Session 3
Awareness of Sensations
As Mind Process Information from Sense Input, It Looses Touch with What is Going In and Out of Ourselves.

Body Scan and Checking if Sensations are Pleasant, Unpleasant or Neutral. Noticing How the Mind Label Sensations.

Session 4
Focusing on One Point and Being In a Calm State
Sharp Concentration as a Tool to Stop the Mind from Wandering.

Focusing Sharply on an Object and Then Relaxing the Focus.

Alternated with:
Body and breathing warm ups; re-oxigenation of lungs.

Session 5
Dealing with Thoughts

Thoughts as Events that Cross the Mind Field of Experience
And Not Necessarily Need to Be Identified With.

Sitting Relaxed while Observing the Thoughts Occur One After the Other,
Alternated with:
Finding the rhytm in breathing.

Session 6
Dealing Thoughts, Emotions and Hindrances
Emotions Are Temporary Mind States Interrelated with Breathing and Muscular Reactions.
How To Recognize And Deal With Basic Hindrances in Order to a Calm and Make the Mind Clear.

Maintaining the Awareness of the Mind States without Getting Involved,
Alternated with:
Finding the Harmony in breathing.

Session 7
Finding Presence in the Experience of the Senses
Mind Gets Easily Involved in Sense Experiences When This Happens One Looses its Balance and Centre and One’s Focus shift to the Object’s Characteristics, Rather then Remaining in the Perception Itself.

Remaining Aware in The Experience of the Different Object of The Senses,
Alternated with:
Breathing in a complete way.

Session 8
Finding the Open Space Dimension of the Mind
Mind is Insubstantial and Yet Open, Luminous and Cognitive. To Discover this Dimension of the Mind Will Allow the Experience of Everything in that Space.

Relaxing and Finding the Open Dimension of the Mind.
Using the Mind Space to Focus One Pointedly and Focus to Be in a Calm State,
Alternated with:
Breathing and relaxation in a natural condition.


June 14, 2019
June 19, 2019


Minsk. Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
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